University Fernando Pessoa

What do you want to study?

Human and Social Sciences
Business Sciences (undergraduate and master)
Clinical and Health Psychology (master)
Communication Sciences (master)
Criminology (master)
Humanitarian Action, Cooperation and Development (master)
Information Sciences (doctorate)
Instructional Technology and Distance Education (master)
Political Science and International Relations (undergraduate)
Psychology (undergraduate)

Science and Technology
Architecture and Urbanism (integrated master)
Civil Engineering (undergraduate and master)
Computer Systems Engineering (undergraduate and master)
Earth Sciences (doctorate)
Ecology and Environmental Health (doctorate)
Quality Management, Environment and Safety (undergraduate)

Health Sciences
Language Development and Disorders (doctorate)

Regulatory Standards

– Regulatory Standards for University Fernando Pessoa’s 2nd cycle degrees
– Regulatory Standards for University Fernando Pessoa’s 3rd cycle degrees

Last update: 14.02.2017 (AO)/09.01.2019 (IRO)