University Fernando Pessoa
Business Sciences (undergraduate)

1st Cycle Undergraduate Degree (1)/6 Semesters/180 ECTS

Coordination: Prof. António Cardoso and Luisa Ribeiro

The main objective of the Business Sciences course is to provide students with the knowledge, concepts, tools, and management models that enable the business decision making process on a changing and competitive environment.

Professional roles:
Accounting Management; Commercial Management; Financial Management; Human Resources Management.

Services Companies; Industrial Companies; Economics Offices; Consultancy Offices; Public Offices and Organizations.

The 1st cycle in Business Sciences has 6 semesters, corresponding to 180 ECTS:

1st Semester
General Accounting I
Fundamentals of Mathematics
Portuguese Civil Law
Financial Calculus

2nd Semester
General Accounting II
Information Management
Commercial Law

3rd Semester
Financial Management I
Costs Accounting I
Stocks Management
Companies Management
Optional I (a)

4th Semester
Financial Management II
Costs Accounting II
Portuguese Economy and European Politics
Marketing and Corporate Communication
Tax Law

5th Semester
Financial Markets and Products
Corporate Strategy
Investment Projects Analysis
Operations and Logistics Management
People and Abilities Management
Corporate Tax System

6th Semester
Budget Management and Control
Financial Report and Accountability
Ethics and Deontology
Optional I (b)
Internship and Graduation Project

(1) – Successful completion of all courses integrating the study plan of the 1st cycle (180 ECTS) confers the undergraduate degree and allows access to the 2nd cycle of studies (120 ECTS), which confers the master’s degree.

(a) To choose between International Trade and Globalization | Quantitative Methods in Management

(b) To choose between Markets Analysis | Labor Law | Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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