Join us

Why should you?

Why would you want to?

Because we believe in honoring Fernando Pessoa, the greatest poet of Portuguese literary modernism, restless thinker of a more educated and adventurous world that wants to build its own future.

Because we are committed to your education and we want to make sure it’s a high quality one. We have a highly qualified faculty and state of the art pedagogical and research infrastructures and facilities.

Because you will learn in real world situations, attending to patients, solving real problems, designing real applicable projects.

Because we do it ourselves, from our information systems, to our very own Hospital School! We believe you want to be a part of this too.

Because we are a small, private and efficient University where people still care about people and we are looking forward to meet you and get to know your own reasons for coming to UFP.

Because, again as our namesake poet, we do believe that each one of us is as “plural as the universe”. Choose your own path. Come to Porto, study in English, go for the full adventure and study in Portuguese. Try all of them if you want!

We will help you start!