University Fernando Pessoa
Business Sciences (master)

2nd Cycle (Master)/4 semesters/120 ECTS

Prof. António Cardoso and Prof. Luisa Ribeiro

Main focus
The object is to offer participants the possibility to progress in their own careers by enabling them to come into contact with the reality of other organizations, as well as to promote the acquisition of different research methodologies in this specific study area.

The Master in Business Sciences has three main aims:
a) To use management methods, techniques and instruments that provide students with a conceptual and methodological framework of application through an in-depth interconnection between the most recent theories of management and the best corporate strategies;
b) To train managers with specific knowledge and to encourage students to develop their skills in identifying and taking profit from situations around them;
c) To develop students’ knowledge and understanding to higher levels.

Core seminars
The Master is composed of four semesters of specialized seminars (11 seminars), completed by one seminar of Master Dissertation
The various subjects taught along the Master can have a series of formats: lectures, open-class discussions, seminars and workshops – and are of compulsory attendance and participation. The course also requires abundant research and fieldwork in addition to classroom activities.

Study plan

1st Semester
Quantitative Methods and Accounting for Managers
Market Research, Regulation and Consumer Behavior
Strategic Management and Organizational Knowledge
Option — one course to be chosen from: Corporate Communication/Public Policies: Budget Management and Public Finance
Social Responsability and Ethical Management

2nd Semester
Globalization, Competition, and Sustainability
Psychosociology of Conflict, Negotiation and Mediation
Information Systems, Decision-making Models and Quality Management
Product and Brand Management: Planning and Marketing
Management Games: Economics for Management and Corporate Finance

3rd and 4th semester
Scientific Research Methodology

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