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Psychology (undergraduate)

Degree / Duration / ECTS
1st Cycle Undergraduate Degree/6 Semesters/180 ECTS

Coordination: Prof. Zélia Teixeira

The first cycle studies in Psychology have 6 semesters’ duration and confer 30 ECTS credits/semester and is designed to provide students with basic, relevant and innovatory education in nuclear domains in Psychology so students can learn relevant concepts, theories, models, methods and techniques. In line with these targets, the first cycle studies aim to provide basic evaluation and intervention skills in Psychology. By the end of this study level the student is expected to show basic abilities, namely instrumental abilities (e.g., giving feedback and producing reports), interpersonal abilities (e.g., team work; criticism ability and self-criticism) and systemic abilities (e.g., adjustment to new situations, ability to produce new ideas; ability to study and learn highly autonomously).

The successful conclusion of all of the curricular units of the study plan of the 1st Cycle (180 ECTS) bestows the degree of Undergraduate in Psychology and grants access to the 2nd Cycle (120 ECTS), that bestows the degree of Master in one of the following specialization areas: Clinical and Health Psychology or Justice Psychology: Victims of Violence and Crime.

According to the European Diploma in Psychology – Europsy –, of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations EFPA, and the Portuguese Order of Psychologists (OPP), the degree of Undergraduate in Psychology does not enable to practise as a Psychologist. To independently work as Psychologist it is necessary to complete the 1st and 2nd Cycle in Psychology and, subsequently, carry out a professional internship under the supervision of the OPP.

The 1st cycle in Psychology has 6 semesters corresponding to 180 ECTS:

Study plan

1st Semester
History and Epistemology of Psychology (6 ECTS)
Psychobiology and Psychophysiology (6 ECTS)
Psychology of the Development of the Child and the Adolescent (6 ECTS)
Introduction to Social Sciences (6 ECTS)
English I (3 ECTS)
Portuguese Constitution and the European Union (3 ECTS)

2nd Semester
Psychology of the Development of the Adult and the Elderly (6 ECTS)
Differential and Personality Psychology (6 ECTS)
Research Methods in Psychology (6 ECTS)
Statistics Applied to Psychology (6 ECTS)
Communication Grammar (3 ECTS)
English II (3 ECTS)

3rd Semester
Cognitive Psychology I: Perception, Learning and Memory (6 ECTS)
Psychology of Motivation and Emotions (6 ECTS)
Psychopathology of Child and Adolescent (6 ECTS)
Social Psychology (6 ECTS)
Neuropsychology (6 ECTS)

4th Semester
Cognitive Psychology II: Language and Cognition (6 ECTS)
Psychopathology of Adult and Elderly (6 ECTS)
Psychometrics (6 ECTS)
Experimental Psychology (6 ECTS)
Optional I (6 ECTS)

5th Semester
Psychological Assessment of the Child and the Adolescent (6 ECTS)
Models and Methods in Psychological Intervention I (6 ECTS)
Psychology of Education (6 ECTS)
Clinical and Health Psychology (6 ECTS)
Optional II (6 ECTS)

6th Semester
Psychological Assessment of the Adult and the Elderly (6 ECTS)
Models and Methods in Psychological Intervention II (6 ECTS)
Psychology of Work and Organizations (6 ECTS)
Legal Psychology (6 ECTS)
Ethics and Deontology in Psychology (6 ECTS)

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