University Fernando Pessoa
Clinical and Health Psychology (master)

Clinical and Health Psychology

2nd Cycle (Master)/4 semesters/120 ECTS

Prof. Rute Meneses

The overall objectives for the second cycle of Psychology are to prepare the student to his/her independent professional practice as a Psychologist, developing and deepening specific knowledge and competences of psychological assessment and intervention, which were achieved in the first cycle, allowing a teaching/learning process which is oriented to a professional practice and to research in different domains of Psychology. The independent/autonomous professional practice of Psychology requires the completion of both cycles of studies.

The plan of studies for the second cycle in Clinical and Health Psychology, as far as its program organization and community extension (Pedagogical Psychology Clinic) is concerned, aims at providing  students with the knowledge, skills and specific competences in Clinical and Health Psychology,  and a solid scientific preparation of a multidisciplinary character, which allows students to practice Psychology in an ethical, autonomous and effective way.

The second cycle of studies in Clinical and Health Psychology is organized in 4 semesters (30 ECTS/semester) designed to ensure a balanced relation between different contents that intend to promote the acquisition of specific concepts, models, methods and techniques. It also provides students with professional and methodological training to the professional practice during internship as well as for the research required for successfully completing their dissertation. At the end of this cycle of studies students should be prepared to autonomously practice as psychologists. For that purpose they are expected to develop and study in depth intervention and research tools as well as psychological abilities they have learned in the first cycle of studies. The second cycle of studies aims at preparing students to a professional activity in Psychology. The specialization in Clinical and Health Psychology promotes  psychological individual and group evaluation abilities as well as intervention abilities; disease prevention and well-being and health promotion; and psychological research applied to Clinical and Health Psychology. The promotion of such skills allows students to work as experts  in health centers, hospitals, private clinics and day centers, as well as teaching and research in this area.

NOTE: Students admitted to the Clinical and Health Psychology master degree will have to give in proof of proficiency of the Portuguese language when they register. If they do not give in such document, they will be mandatorily enrolled in the Portuguese for Foreigners course. The duration of the course is one year and the students will have to obtain a positive mark in the course’s final exam to proceed to their Internship. The annual Tuition Fee for this course is indicated in the School Fees.


Study Plan

1st Semester
Neurocognitive Assessment and Intervention (6 ECTS)
Psychological Consultation I (6 ECTS)
Scientific Work Methodology (4 ECTS)
Psychopathology, Psychodiagnostic and Psychopharmacology (8 ECTS)
Psychosociology of Communication (6 ECTS)

2nd semester
Psychological Consultation II (6 ECTS)
Psychological Intervention in Groups (6 ECTS)
Psychotherapy Models and Techniques (6 ECTS)
Psychology of Chronic and Terminal Disease (6 ECTS)
Optional (6 ECTS)

3rd and 4th semesters
Internship (18 ECTS)
Dissertation (42 ECTS)

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