University Fernando Pessoa
Communication Sciences (master)

2nd Cycle (Master)/4 semesters/120 ECTS

— Journalism
— Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising
— Communication Technologies

Prof. Sandra Tuna and Prof. Eduardo Paz Barroso

Introduction and aims:
Advanced course aiming at developing communication skills in one of three major areas:
— Journalism
— Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising
— Communication Technologies

Students are encouraged to apply theoretical knowledge into elaborate practical skills in those areas of communication.
 The course is very much directed towards a professionalized media market, with specialized seminars as well as intensive work in communication laboratories. Taking into account the media system profound transformations, this course tries to keep up with new developments in the field, giving full attention to the impact of ITCs (Information and Communication Technologies) in different areas. The course includes an internship in major communication companies (according to the specialization chosen by the student).

At the end of the course of study the graduate will be able to:
— understand the functioning of the media system and the working processes and models in two of four major areas of communication (Journalism, Communication Technologies, Adverting, Marketing).
— apprehend the importance of multi-tasking in nowadays media markets.
— comprehend the complexities of relevant concepts of the new communication paradigm: interactivity, multimedia, convergence, synergy.
— assess the specialized functions of different technological tasks (camera, studio lighting, editing and post-editing).
— develop knowledge of gathering, formatting, processing and divulging information in several media platforms.
— cultivate the ability to perform different tasks in communication agencies or newsrooms.
— use models and tools to develop accurate market situational analysis in order to make marketing decisions.
— develop a comprehensive Marketing Plan (Analysis, Development and Implementation).
— develop and implement a communication strategy and program.

Core Themes
The courses offers a multitude of perspectives and competences relevant to the performance of communication skills inside the media system (these core themes differ according to the specialization chosen by each student):
— History of Journalism, Advertising and Marketing
— Content production in Journalism or Advertising
— Organizational structures in the media system
— Marketing strategies
— Editing and post-editing competences
— Digital communication
— Multi-tasking in dynamic media markets

Study plan
Journalism branch

1st Semester
Theory and compared history of journalism
Specialized journalism I: compared cultural and scientific journalism
Journalism laboratory I: reference daily newspapers
Psychosociology of communication
Scientific work methodology

2nd semester
Information management and strategic communication
Specialized journalism II: compared political and economic journalism
Specialized journalism III: compared investigative journalism
Journalism laboratory II: reference weekly newspapers and magazines
Journalism laboratory III: national and international review

3rd and 4th semester

Public relations, marketing and advertising branch

1st Semester
Evolution of advertising communication
Products and brands management: marketing and advertising planning
Opinion studies, market research and consumer behavior
Psychosociology of communication
Scientific work methodology

2nd semester
Graphic communication, audiovisual and multimedia
Information management and strategic communication
Design, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
Public relations, advertising and marketing agency
Corporate identity: institutional communication

3rd and 4th semester

Communication technologies branch

1st semester
Digital archives and libraries
Audiovisual production, direction and edition
Psychosociology of communication
Communication technologies and information: sound and image
Scientific work methodology

2nd semester
Information management and strategic communication
Design, infographics and graphic communication
Communication rechnologies and information: photography and image treatment
Research methods and techniques in information sciences
Digital production, multimedia and webdesign

3rd and 4th semester

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