University Fernando Pessoa
PhD in Political and Humanitarian Studies

3rd Cycle (Doctorate)/3 years (1 year: curricular plan; 2 years: thesis preparation)/180 ECTS

Prof. Judite Gonçalves de Freitas (

Research lines
The students and teachers of the doctoral program in Political and Humanitarian Studies share the same scientific interest – questioning the new challenges arising from contemporary political trends, and explaining the impact and scope of the policy on the processes that are necessary for the development of humanitarian action, with a direct influence on the lives of the populations.

In this way, this 3rd cycle promotes the development of research projects in research domains such as:
• international organizations and development plans;
• intergovernmental relations, institutions and political systems (transition and institutional reform);
• comparative political studies;
• contemporary political ideologies;
• global governance;
• elites and political behavior;
• education and development;
• social policy;
• economic performance and human development;
• cultural identity, gender policies, migration, conflict prevention and peacekeeping;
• environmental law;
• new challenges and threats to human rights;
• among many others.

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Curricular Plan

1st Semester
Contemporary systems and trends in political studies (6 ECTS)
Development and trends in humanitarian studies (12 ECTS)
Advanced research methods (12 ECTS)

2nd Semester
Seminar I (optional*) (11 ECTS)
Seminar II (optional*) (11 ECTS)
Planning and presentation of the thesis project (8 ECTS)

3rd and 4th Semesters
Doctoral thesis (60 ECTS)

5th and 6th Semesters
Doctoral thesis (60 ECTS)

* Candidate must choose 1 of these 6 curricular units:
– Citizenship, Gender and Religion
– Ethical Dilemmas in Humanitarian Action
– Human Rights, Education and Development
– Geopolitics of Conflicts
– Governance, Security and Humanitarian Issues
– Migrations, Demography and Social Integration

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