University Fernando Pessoa
Criminology (master)

2nd Cycle (Master)/4 semesters/120 ECTS

Prof. Ana Sacau and Prof. Laura Nunes

Introduction and aims
We are experiencing a time that is socially marked by the global crime phenomenon, which is continuously increasing its diversity and sophistication. The causes of this phenomenon need to be studied in depth, as well as its consequences, which should be scientifically analyzed, in order to get the best answers and solutions to protect society. Finding those answers requires scientific knowledge and skills, in order to deal with the crime complexity, and to help preventing the criminal act, and to proceed to criminal’s rehabilitation.

The Master in Criminology allows students to learn the most important aspects of contemporary crime, such as economic, environmental, and cybercrime, also enabling them to know more about the ethnic and gender motivated crimes. Also, conditions and opportunities are offered and created in order to trigger a reflective attitude on current crime reaction systems, and on its prevention mechanisms, along with the criminals’ social reintegration. The diversification of contents and skills development, with added practical approaches, seeks to provide students with the necessary abilities to work in the field.

Study plan

1st Semester
Justice, Ethics and Fundamental Rights (6 ECTS)
Criminal Profiles and Prognosis of Crime: Risk and Protection Factors (6 ECTS)
Culture and Comparative Criminology (6 ECTS)
Crime, Development and Community Safety (6 ECTS)
Information Sources in Crime: Criminology and Criminal Investigation (6 ECTS)

2nd Semester
Social Reintegration: Intervention Programs and Alternative Sentencing (6 ECTS)
Biosocial Criminology and Gender Issues (6 ECTS)
Environmental, Cyber and Transnational Crime (6 ECTS)
Judicial and Police Organization and Intervention Models (6 ECTS)
In-depth Issues in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure (6 ECTS)

3rd and 4th Semesters
Scientific Work Methodology (4 ECTS)
Dissertation (56 ECTS)

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