University Fernando Pessoa
Political Science and International Relations (undergraduate)

1st Cycle Undergraduate Degree (1)/6 Semesters/180 ECTS

Coordination: Prof. Judite de Freitas and Prof. Luísa Vasconcelos

This programme provides solid and comprehensive knowledge in Political Science and International Relations and several related areas of study, providing the student with the intellectual means to confidently pursue his/her studies at a higher level.
One can expect to get in-depth critical analysis of the world’s political, economic, social and cultural features, combining theoretical study with the debate of practical cases.

At the end of the course of study the graduate will be able to:
• understand the fundamental concepts of Political Science and International Relations;
• understand the great shifts in International Relations in the Contemporary age;
• perform a professional activity in the fields of Politics, International Relations, civil service and mass media;
• analyse, interpret and debate the major events in Politics and International Relations.

The 1st cycle in Political Science and International Relations has 6 semesters, corresponding to 180 ECTS:

1st Semester
Introduction to Law and Political Science (6 ECTS)
Theory and History of International Relations (6 ECTS)
Social and Cultural Anthropology (6 ECTS)
Communication Grammar (6 ECTS)
English I (6 ECTS)

2nd Semester
Methodology of Social Sciences (6 ECTS)
Great Subjects of History and Journalism (18th-21st centuries) (6 ECTS)
Macroeconomics (6 ECTS)
Ethics and Political Science (6 ECTS)
English II (6 ECTS)

3rd Semester
State Theory and Public Administration (6 ECTS)
Political Economy (6 ECTS)
English III (6 ECTS)
Spanish I (6 ECTS)
Optional I (6 ECTS) (*)

4th Semester
Portuguese Constitution and the European Union (6 ECTS)
International Political and Economic Order: Globalization and Glocalization (6 ECTS)
English IV (6 ECTS)
Spanish II (6 ECTS)
Optional II (6 ECTS) (*)

5th Semester 
Political and Economic Diplomacy (6 ECTS)
Public International Law (6 ECTS)
Population Policy and Migration Movements (6 ECTS)
Human Capital and Competitiveness (6 ECTS)
Optional III (6 ECTS) (*)

6th Semester
Political Marketing (6 ECTS)
Democracy and Citizenship (6 ECTS)
Psychosociology of Organizations (6 ECTS)
Optional IV (6 ECTS) (*)
Internship and Graduation Project (6 ECTS)

(1) – Successful completion of all courses integrating the study plan of the 1st cycle (180 ECTS) confers the undergraduate degree and allows access to the 2nd cycle of studies (120 ECTS), which confers the master’s degree.

(*) – To be defined in each year by the Faculty.

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