University Fernando Pessoa
R&D Projects

University Fernando Pessoa and its teaching staff participate in several R&D projects.

European projects:

European Commission – DG MOVE

European Comission – EULANEST
NanoSKIN: Nanoparticles containing chemotherapeutic agents for innovative therapies for severe skin disease – Muco-cutaneous Leishmaniasis and cell carcinoma as examples

Projects supported by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian:

Measuring value in oncology
Health in prision: program to promote health literacy among peers in prison context

Projects supported by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia:

BONAMIDI – Bone response to nanostructured and micropatterned surfaces in zirconia dental implants
CD-ROM PO.EX: Portuguese experimental poetry, notebooks and catalogues
Children and justice: an analysis of children’s understanding of legal terminology and court proceedings
Computational studies of organic reactions catalysed by transition metals
DYNOZONE – Total column and surface ozone variability over the Iberian Peninsula: Dynamical and Chemical atmospheric factors
Ionic liquids as active ingredients
Improvements in cerebral blood perfusion and perfusion of body organs during anesthesia
NanoLaseRelief: Integrating nanotechnologies in pain relief laser therapy of vascular lesions
PO.EX’70-80 – Digital Archive for Portuguese Experimental Literature
Portuguese theorization of journalism: from the origins to April 1974
SafeHomeHealthCare: Interference-free Home Health-Care Smart Spaces using Search Algorithms and Meta-Reality Reflection
Validation and optimization of MALDI-TOF for identification and tracking of clinically relevant Escherichia coli clones and antibiotic resistance mechanisms: a translational approach

Projects supported by Fundação Ensino e Cultura Fernando Pessoa:
Diagnosis of the school environment: evaluate to intervene
Domestic violence, victim support and justice
Drug addict victimization
Evaluation of professional satisfaction of health professionals in primary health care
Local Security Diagnosis
Permanent Observatory Violence and Crime
Weather station

Other collaborative projects:

Consortium on Electronic Literature
Homelessness Encampment Assessment and Mitigation in Contra Costa, CA
Local Security Diagnosis Guinea-Bissau
MEDOANET – Mediterranean Open Access Network
VoW – Value of Wave and Ocean Culture

Other European projects:

Lifelong Learning Programme
EUPRHA (European Universities on Professionalization on Humanitarian Action)
EUFICCS (European Use of Full-Immersion, Culture, Content, Service approach for Language Learning)
WaRe – Waterfront Regeneration

Lifelong Learning Programme – Erasmus Intensive Programme
Cultural Management Policies and Practices for the Creative Use of Cultural Heritage

Erasmus Intensive Programme
European Digital Literatures

Erasmus Mundus Programme
TEMPO (Trans-European Project On Education for Sustainable Development)