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UFP Energy, Environment and Health Research Unit

FP-ENAS (UFP Energy, Environment and Health Research Unit) is a new interdisciplinary Research Unit organized in order to merge the synergies currently existing at Universidade Fernando Pessoa (UFP) in terms of Energy, Environment and Health and to conform the corresponding full capacities to the complementary and interdependent modern concepts in these areas. FP-ENAS is engraved in the working environment of UFP, owned by Fundação Ensino e Cultura Fernando Pessoa (FECFP), thus benefitting from the existing resources, structures and facilities. This type of organization allows the development, in the best conditions, of the modern concept of research in connection with advanced training university teaching for students enrolled in the 3rd Bologna cycle.

FP-ENAS is registered on Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), as 4546 R&D unit.


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