Rui Carrapato, Professor at University Fernando Pessoa, has been awarded the Erich Saling Perinatal Prize (Neonatology) from the World Association of Perinatal Medicine (WAPM), at the World Congress of Perinatal Medicine, in Moscow, last June.

This prize is awarded every two years, to Obstetricians and/or Neonatologists, by merit and international contribution in the field of Perinatal Medicine. This happens after deliberation of an international jury that, this year, included Professors Milan Stanojevic (Croatia), Xavier Carbonell (Spain), Apostolos Papagiorgiu (Canada), Claudine Amiel Tison (France) and Marina Degtyareva (Russia).

The other laureates, from 2001 to 2013, were: Obstetricians – Prof. Kypros Nicholaides (2001, London, UK), Roberto Romero (2003, Detroit , USA), Wolfgang Holzegreve (2005, Basel, Switzerland), Frank Chervenak (2007, New York, USA), José Maria Carrera (2007, Barcelona, Spain), Joachin Dudenhausen (2009, Berlim, Germany), Asim Kuryak (2011, Zargrebe, Croacia) e Aris Antsakalis (2013 Atenas, Greece ); and Pediatricians – Anne Greenough (2009, London, UK), Eduardo Bancalari (2011, Miami, USA ) and Manuel R. G. Carrapato (2013, Porto, Portugal).

Prof. Rui Carrapato, the first Portuguese pediatrician to be awarded, considers this prize as a “tribute and recognition to the Portuguese Obstetric and Pediatric Medicine”