On May 14h 2015, between 10:30am and 12:30pm will take place a free screening of the body composition in the Pedagogical Clinics Building (room EC1.7).

The screening will be held by the students of the 2nd year of the 1st cycle of Nutritional Sciences, supervised by a teacher, and you will be able to know your body composition:
lean body mass, fat body mass, metabolic age, visceral fat, bone mass and total body water.

Requirements for carrying out the screening:
– Do not eat solid food or drink liquids 3 hours prior to screening.
– Do not perform physical exercise 12 hours prior to screening.
– Do not drink alcohol 48 hours prior to screening.
– Empty the bladder immediately before participating the screening.

This screening is not permitted to pregnant women, women who are menstruating or the pacemaker carriers.

For more information, please contact the Reception of ASL-UFP (floor – 2 of the Pedagogical Clinics Building. Tel 22 509 6371,

Para mais informações, por favor, contacte a Secretaria de Atendimento da ASL-UFP (Piso – 2 do Edifício das Clínicas Pedagógicas | Telef. 22 509 6371 |