University Fernando Pessoa
Services & Facilities

UFP has several bars/cafeterias where students can have their meals, socialize, or even work with their computers using the Wi-Fi network.

University Fernando Pessoa and Higher School of Health don’t have a student residence, but we have a list of partners for accommodation. Send us an email to to ask for that list!

UFP’s libraries exist to facilitate the spread of information in scientific areas taught at the University, serving as an educational support for teaching, research and learning, at undergraduate as well as post-graduate level. UFP’s libraries provide services of on-site-reading, book loans, inter-library loans, self-service copy machines, access to data bases, among other services.

Student card
The student card is used for the following purposes: identification, access to book loans at the libraries, taking photocopies and getting discounts at movie theaters and museums (if they have specific discounts for students).

Internships and Professional Careers Office
UFP’s Internships and Professional Careers Office establishes connections with institutions and companies, making a bridge between the university and the labor market and ensuring the availability of curricular internships to all of UFP’s undergraduate students.

Admissions Office
The Admissions Office provides information about study programs and rules of admission. Applications and the first registration at UFP are made through this office.

International Relations Office
The International Relations Office is responsible for implementing UFP’s internationalization policies, for the internal management of the ERASMUS program, the institutional management of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), the application of UFP’s European Policy Statement and for the internal monitoring of the Bologna Process.

Online pedagogical information
Students can access their pedagogical information (academic calendar, course schedules, grades, requests and notices) at, using their personal login and password.

Computer services
All students have free internet access at UFP, either at the computer labs or using the wired and wireless network services available at classrooms, libraries, bars and cafeterias. Each student is also given an email address and on line storage to create and keep a personal web page on the internet.

UFP has lab units to support the teaching of all its study programs. For more information, please visit:

Ambulatory Project of Oral and Public Health
UFP, through its Faculty of Health Sciences, provides its students a direct contact with the country’s reality. The Ambulatory Project of Oral and Public Health allows health sciences students to be part of its mobile units and to perform diagnostic and therapy training in their areas of learning, accompanied by their teachers.

Students Registrar
The Students Registrar performs all administrative procedures concerning students’ pedagogical attendance. Students can also use this office to present requests, ask for certificates of registration, transcripts of records, reappraisals of grades, exchanging study programs or readmission.

All UFP students are covered by a personal accidents insurance. This insurance covers expenses related to treatment, disability or death arising from personal accidents inside UFP premises or on the way between the student’s home and the university.

Printing and Copy Services
The Copy Center (CC) perform services of photocopying/printing in black, bookbinding, scanning documents and printing in colour. Students can access photocopy services at the CC or use the several self-service copy machines available. In this case, students need to charge their students’ cards in advance at the CC.

UFPUV – Virtual University
UFPUV offers the support and mediation of electronic resources to extend the university’s activity beyond its physical and time restrictions (“anywhere, anytime, anyhow”). The most visible part of UFPUV is its collaborative teaching platform. Using an internet connection, a browser and the assigned log in information, any user can interact and develop their teaching/learning process at UFP’s Virtual University. UFPUV is also used to complement in-classroom learning, in integration with other information systems at UFP. UFPUV essentially supports initiatives in a mixed system (by blending in-classroom learning with distance learning – b-learning), allowing more flexibility and freedom in learning for each individual to achieve their own rhythm.

UFP Press
The main purpose of UFP Press is to show what the University does in terms of research and it includes not only class books, magazines and proceedings, but also poetry, fiction and essays from people related in some way to the university. Purchases can be made online, at the university and at bookstores all over the country.

Social Action Office
Provides information and supports applications to scholarships given out by the Portuguese Directorate-General for Higher Education/Student Support Services.