University Fernando Pessoa
Cultural & Sport Activities & Associations

UFP Academy
UFP Academy develops corporate education at UFP’s community, to promote actions that complement its students’ training. Using the available opportunities, students can increase their competences, namely through specific training sessions, employability and personal development workshops, and by participating in internal organizational projects in order to gain professional experience. (

Continuing Education Center (ES-CEFOC)
This center is responsabile for all lifelong education courses, for the “Over 23” application regime and the qualification level IV Technological Specialization Courses. (

Students Association
UFP’s Students Association promotes the information and integration of students, as well as the protection of their interests (

UFP Club
The UFP Club brings together former and current students, teachers and other UFP’s staff, by promoting all kinds of cultural, sport and assistance activities.

The promotion and organization of sport activities is made by UFP’s Students Association. For more information, please visit

Student Nuclei
There are several student nuclei at UFP, in the scope of the different study programs. For more information, please visit > Núcleos de estudantes.

Tunas are music groups made up of university students. There are four tunas at UFP, which organize and participate in musical festivals, live performances, serenades and tuna meetings. The quality of the different tunas at UFP has earned national and international recognition, not only through invitations to perform, but also through the awards that they have received.