University Fernando Pessoa
Master of Science ITDE

The Program
The Master of Science in Instructional Technology and Distance Education (ITDE) program provides skills in distance education, instructional media, instructional design, and training. It is designed for working professionals who wish to obtain positions of leadership in education and training skills and for those who wish to become instructional designers, trainers, e-learning specialists, and media professionals.

Primary Audience of this degree
Practicing professionals with background in teaching, administration, media specialist, information specialist, trainers (government, corporate, managers, and supervisors), instructional technologists, curriculum developers, staff development specialists, distance education program coordinators with basic experience in the use of instructional technology and/or distance education.

Program Goals/Learning Outcomes
This program aims to impart the following skills:
•• Media production and utilization skills
•• Instructional design competencies
•• Distance education course and program design and delivery competencies
•• Instructional technology and distance education management, assessment, and evaluation abilities
•• Research and evaluation competencies
•• Leadership skills

Academic and pedagogical issues
Prof. Pedro Reis (

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Total workload – 33 Credits

Courses Offered by University Fernando Pessoa
(Portugal) (15 credits)

Term 1
Multimedia and Interactive Systems (2 credits)
Multimedia and Hypermedia Production Tools (3 credits)
Methods and Methodologies in Digital Writing (3 credits)

Term 2
Distance Knowledge and Education (3 credits)
Ethics and Professional Deontology (1 credit)
Hypermedia Project (3 credits)

Courses Offered by Nova Southeastern University
USA (18 credits)

Term 3
ITDE 8001 Instructional Design (3 credits)
ITDE 8002 Instructional Development (3 credits)
EDD 8012 Managing & Evaluating ITDE (3 credits)

Term 4
EDD 7005 Instructional Media (3 credits)*
EDD 8123 Advanced Application in ITDE (3 credits)
EDD 6000 Reflective Portfolio
*NSU teacher at UFP