University Fernando Pessoa
Computer Systems Engineering (undergraduate)

1st Cycle Undergraduate Degree (1)/6 Semesters/180 ECTS

Prof. Nuno Magalhães Ribeiro (

The aim is to educate and form specialists in the areas of Information Technologies (IT) and Information Systems (IS) who are able to understand and respond to current challenges inside organizations raised by the shift to the Information Society. It is required that an engineer is able to analyse and solve problems while taking into account technical, economical and social criteria. This programme aims at educating such professionals, who will be able to know how to decide in such ways so to respect the balance among development and the use of technology and its ethical and social impact.

Professional roles
In the end of the programme, our students possess the required competences for the following professional roles:
– Consultant in the areas of IT, Software Engineering, Multimedia, Computer Networks, Multimedia Design and Web development.
– Engineer, Systems Analyst and Information Systems Administrator.
– Software Engineer.
– Application analyst/programr.
– Database programr/administrator.
– Multimedia applications designer/programr.
– Web developer.
– Project manager.
– Technical coordinator.

The 1st cycle in Computer Systems Engineering has 6 semesters, corresponding to 180 ECTS:

1st Semester
Communication Grammar
Introduction to Algorithms and Programming
Mathematics I
Information Systems

2nd Semester
Systems Analysis
Applied Electronics
Applied Statistics
Mathematics II
Optional I (*)

3rd Semester
Algorithms and Data Structures I
Numerical Analysis
Computer Architecture
Programming Languages I
Digital Systems

4th Semester
Algorithms and Data Structures II
Hardware and Sensors
Operational Research
Programming Languages II
Operating Systems

5th Semester
Software Engineering
Programming Laboratory
Multimedia I
Computer Networks I

6th Semester
Integrated Project Laboratory
Multimedia II
Computer Networks II
Distributed Systems
Optional II (*)

(1) – Successful completion of all courses integrating the study plan of the 1st cycle (180 ECTS) confers the undergraduate degree and allows access to the 2nd cycle of studies 120 ECTS, which confers the master’s degree, in the branches of Information Systems and Multimedia and Mobile Computing.

(*) – To be defined in each year by the Faculty.

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