University Fernando Pessoa
PhD in Language Development and Disorders

3rd Cycle (Doctorate)/3 years (1 year: curricular plan; 2 years: thesis preparation)/180 ECTS

Prof. Inês Gomes

Research Areas
– Psycho-Neurolinguistic Development
– Language Disorders

The doctorate in Language Development and Disorders is structured in order provide knowledge and competences that will enable to deal with problems of language, from the perspective of its development and of its disturbances. Consequently, this cycle of studies is divided in two major domains:
– Psycho-Neurolinguistic Development and
– Language Disorders.

These specialties are related to the course’s teaching staff’s national and international research projects that have resulted in a considerable number of scientific articles and “products” such as new diagnostic, educative and therapeutic methods and approaches. The students must develop their thesis within the area of the chosen speciality.

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Curricular plan

1st semester
Research Methodologies
Verbal Language and Communication
Paralanguage and Not Verbal Communication
Processing of the Language
Brain and Language

2nd semester
Development of the Language
Disturbances of the Language in Educational Contexts
Disturbances of the Language in Clinical Contexts

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