University Fernando Pessoa
Civil Engineering (undergraduate)

1st Cycle Undergraduate Degree (1)/6 Semesters/180 ECTS

Prof. Miguel Branco (


This course intends to prepare future civil engineers with knowledge and skills to intervene in the various fields of Civil Engineering, through a solid scientific, multidisciplinary and multi-purpose education, including recent development areas, developing a set of practical application of work of the contents of the various Curricular Units. For this reason, there are included in the study plan contents covering areas such as civil construction, engineering and related areas, project in several specialties, architecture and town planning, construction innovation, production management, safety and hygiene in the workplace, management and administration.

International recognition

This course is recognized through the registration in the FEANI INDEX, which allows UFP Civil Engineering graduates to work as engineers in the European Area.

The 1st cycle in Civil Engineering has 6 semesters, corresponding to 180 ECTS:

1st Semester
Communication Grammar
Introduction to Civil Construction Engineering
Mathematics I
Construction Materials

2nd Semester
Computer Aided Technical Drawing
Mathematics II
Optional (*)
General Chemistry
Materials Resistance I

3rd semester
Numerical Analysis
Hydraulics I
Rehabilitation Materials and Techniques
Territory Planning
Materials Resistance II

4th semester
Applied Statistics
Hydraulics II
Structure Mechanics
Optional (*)
Topography and Photogrammetry

5th semester
Reinforced Concrete I
Construction Physics
Companies and Construction Yards Management
Soil Mechanics
Construction Procedures

6th semester
Reinforced Concrete II
Inspection, Coordination and Control of Construction Activities
Pathologies and Rehabilitation of Buildings
Specialties Project
Transportation Planning and Highway Engineering

(1) – Successful completion of all courses integrating the study plan of the 1st cycle (180 ECTS) confers the undergraduate degree and allows access to the 2nd cycle of studies (120 ECTS), which confers the master’s degree.

(*) – To be defined in each year by the Faculty.

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