University Fernando Pessoa
Civil Engineering (master)

2nd Cycle (Masters)/4 semesters/120 ECTS

Prof. Doutor Malafaya Baptista

Admission conditions
Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in Engineering, preferably in Civil Engineering.

For detailed information about procedures, conditions and fees: please check Admissions

The main purpose of this 2nd Cycle is to increase the degree of autonomy of the Civil Engineers through
(i) gains on technical and professional skills previously acquired;
(ii)  improvement of the abilities on research activity.

It is based on the main purpose that project, work and creativity go hand in hand in our curriculum, covering critical key areas like Concrete Structures, Special Structures, Coordination of Works, Engineering Projects,  Architecture and Urbanism, Building Rehabilitation, Sustainable Construction and Occupational Health and Safety.

The professional with this Master degree is prepared to take higher responsibilities for coordination and management of construction companies, project offices, local government and other public departments.

The knowledge and skills in various fields of civil engineering enable leadership of multidisciplinary teams and large-scale works with technical complexity.

The 2nd cycle in Civil Engineering has 4 semesters, corresponding to 120 ECTS:

1st Semester
Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete
Sustainable Construction
Projects and Investments Management
Water Supply and Sewage Project
Urbanization Projects
Environmental Quality of Buildings

2nd Semester
Impact Assessment
Special Structures
Optional (*)
Rehabilitation of Buildings Project
Thermal, Acoustic and Ventilation Project

3rd semester
General Coordination of Projects
Methodology of the Master Dissertation
Safety Plans and Coordination
Geographic Information Systems

4th semester

(*) – To be defined in each year by the Faculty, including Gas Project and Coastal Protection.

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